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I'm writing a book...

Posted by thedeadqueen on 2007.06.22 at 10:27
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Some of you may know that I'm writing a book for gifted teenagers, called I'm Not Weird, I'm Just Gifted!  I thought I would post the outline to this community, since it addresses every question about giftedness or gifted teens that I could think of.  I hope it will be a fruitful starting point for discussion.

Since it's long (over 32 pages), I'll post it a chapter or two at a time, and since I'm busy, I'll be posting it over several days.  

Although this is the version of the outline I'm sending to the publisher today or tomorrow, I anticipate making changes to it as I write and, of course, as you come up with points I hadn't thought of or tell me that experiences I thought were common among gifted people are really just unique to me and a few friends.

Because I have plans to publish this for real, I don't want it leaking out to the far corners of the internets.   First of all, posts of anything in my book will be marked friends-only.  Second, there are ideas here that as far as I know, are unique to this book, or at least are unique formulations of old ideas.  If you end up using these ideas elsewhere, please credit them to me!  I'd actually prefer if you kept such ideas within this community, but in case you feel tempted to use them elsewhere, please credit.  Thanks!



Preface, written by Dr. Joan Franklin Smutny



PART ONE:  What Giftedness Is…and Isn’t


QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER for Part One:  What is giftedness?  Do I want to see myself as a gifted person?  How do I want to see myself as a gifted person?  Is giftedness better than, worse than, or just different than the norm?


Experts on giftedness disagree on what giftedness means.  Therefore, there is no generally accepted definition.  Their many models of giftedness generally fall into three major paradigms.  In trying to decide what giftedness means to you, you are free to choose any paradigm or mix of paradigms as representative of yourself.

The first chapter discusses the general public’s conception of giftedness, which we will see has serious flaws.  The next three chapters turn to experts’ opinions, presenting the three major paradigms of giftedness.  Chapter 5 examines the variety of people identified as gifted and reasons why some gifted people may not be identified.  Finally, chapter 6 elucidates the need for a personal definition of giftedness.


thedeadqueen at 2007-07-20 15:35 (UTC) (Link)
actually...I've been thinking...if I'm in the process of trying to get this published...should I really be posting stuff here? What do you think?
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