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Gender Role Awareness and Giftedness

Posted by napthia9 on 2007.09.12 at 21:42


coffeegirl18 at 2009-10-22 07:52 (UTC) (Link)
I'm a newbie on here and pretty sure I'm gifted.

I'm not agressive but I find very little in common with other women and tend to have more guy friends than girls.

Although I also agree with queen as it's social constructs that mold us into a stereotypical guy or girl.

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napthia9 at 2009-10-26 04:44 (UTC) (Link)

I should have an icon saying 'brevity is not my strong suit,' really

Hey, thanks for commenting after all this time! (And welcome!)

If I wrote this post now, with a couple of Gender's Studies in my belt, I'd probably talk about multiple masculinities/femininities as a way to point out that even though many Gifted people don't play into the standard macho-man/Barbie-woman dynamic*, they are still socialized into some form of gender presentation. (For more on this, I recommend Kate Bornstein's thoughts on performing gender. Although I've only read one of her articles, it was pretty thought-provoking.)

*I have met gifted people who did do this, to varying extents. I claim sampling bias in my earlier observations.

At varying points in my life, I've also found it true that the people I hung with were mostly guys. On the other hand, I'm mostly hanging out with female friends at the moment. I'm not sure giftedness had much to do with this anymore- but I do notice that the gender homogeny of my social groups alters depending on the identity I want to present- at the moment, I want to be unnoticed, invisible, and hang out with people who won't say things that makes me want to argue with them. When I was in mostly-male groups in high school and first year college, I tended to be more aggressive. The online company I keep has almost always been exclusively female-organized (feminist blogs, fannish circles, even in my WoW Rp group I felt most comfortable with the female-IDed players), but unlike my current RL sitch, those circles are out-spoken, loud, and fairly self-contained.
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